Turn Holiday Leftovers Into Delicious Delicacies

arboleda Chef Turns Holiday Leftovers Into Delicious Delicacies

TV 3 Arizona’s Family first to interview arboleda about food-making ideas

Scottsdale, Ariz.–Nov. 10, 2022–TV 3 viewers were the first to learn holiday food-making ideas from arboleda Executive Chef Evan Gotanda. His focus was how to reimagine Thanksgiving leftovers. As one of the most celebrated food-making days of the year, recipe ideas to extend this meal-making event were a huge hit on TV 3.

“The Thanksgiving meal is a big investment of time and money,” said arboleda Chef Evan Gotanda. “With a little creativity you can take leftovers and make new, interesting meals for many days after.”

Chef Evan and arboleda Owner and Operator Björn Kock demonstrated an adaptation of the popular Spanish Bomba with leftover turkey, gray and mashed potatoes. They also demonstrated a Turkey Dip with cranberry sauce and a simple Turkey Pot Pie made with a biscuit topping and jam-packed with vegetables from the side dishes. The dishes are outlined in easy-to-make recipes that can be downloaded here.

“We appreciate TV 3’s warm welcome and hope to be back when we get closer to our public opening which will be in mid-January 2023,” said arboelda Owner and Operator Björn Kock. “We believe that arboleda will quickly become a part of holiday rituals with friends and family, it will be a special gathering place.”

arboleda was established by longtime friends and culinary colleagues Mitchell Rosenthal, Steven Rosenthal and Björn Kock, who have been running amazingly successful restaurants in competitive markets for years. Their resumes include working under Wolfgang Puck as well as at some of the most well-known restaurants in the U.S. They founded Town Hall Restaurant, their 20-year old landmark in San Francisco as well as Salt House and Anchor & Hope. arboleda Executive Chef, is the former Chef de Cuisine at Salt House, and a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who launched his career working under some of the best chefs in Los Angeles.

The arboleda menu will be rooted in Mediterranean coastal cuisine but borrow from an array of flavor profiles, making each dish an unexpected surprise. arboleda is the perfect addition to the Scottsdale Quarter, where it will complement Scottsdale’s culinary scene while pushing the limits and offering something new.

arboleda, which means grove in Spanish, has indoor and patio dining areas and every crevice of the restaurant has personality. The entire space is a beautifully designed dining room by top designer Mark Zeff. It oozes with charm, warmth & elegance. It is the perfect addition to the Scottsdale Quarter, where it will complement the local culinary scene while pushing the limits and offering something new and exciting.

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