About Us

Arboleda owners Mitchell, Bjorn, and Steve and executive chef Evan from Arboleda restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Executive Chef Evan, Mitchell, Björn and Steven have been running amazingly successful restaurants for years. They are the first to say that they are uncompromisingly honest with one another and they know how to bring out each other’s strengths. They were drawn to Scottsdale because it is a place that shares their culinary values of quality, innovation, and an inherent sense of adventure. They believe in living and breathing their work and when you go to arboleda you will likely run into one or all of four of them! They are committed to unending culinary ideas and inventions. They will introduce the best Mediterranean coastal flavors at arboleda but also plan to borrow from an array of flavor profiles from across the world. You can be sure that each menu item and every bite will be an unexpected, delightful surprise.